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Work place accidents happen all the time. It doesn't matter if your injury happened inside your employer's premises or outside of work, so long as you are doing work related activities, you should be able to claim work injury damages against your employer. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), more than 3 million nonfatal workplace injuries were reported by private industry employers in 2011 alone. As you can imagine thousands of workers may not have been able to seek damages due to lack of knowledge about their rights, fear of their employers against retaliation or simple lack of funds to pay for top legal service to pursue their rights. In Los Angeles, if you have been involved in work related injuries, you should immediately seek legal advice from top work injury attorney in Los Angeles who can readily advice you on your legal rights as an employee as well as the options you can take in order to claim compensation for your damages, bodily injuries, pain and suffering and other losses. Generally, workplace accidents happen due to employer’s negligence, inadequate training of other employees, equipment defect or violation of workplace safety regulations. Protect yourself and your family from the adverse effects of suffering work related injuries, fight for your right and seek remuneration for your damages and help your family put your lives back together again.

Exclusive Remedy Rule in Los Angeles Work Injuries

In California, employees who have been injured in the work place can only pursue workers' compensation claims against their employers. This is known as the "exclusive remedy rule". By definition, this means that an employee injured while in the performance of his work can only claim a certain set amount of compensation under workers compensation. As you can imagine, there will definitely be cases wherein the set amount of compensation offered by workers compensation will simply not be enough to pay for all your damages and bodily injuries, especially if you suffer spine injuries, fractures, head injury and even brain injury. Suffering any type of injury from any negligence accident is a serious matter. Victims even suffer wrongful death due to misdiagnosed or undiagnosed symptoms. Hence, as a victim of work injury in Los Angeles, you should make sure that you are able to be afforded with complete medical examinations and treatments from undergoing x-rays, CT scan and MRI to obtaining chiropractic treatments, orthopaedic evaluations, pain management consult and even undergoing surgeries for serious injuries. In order to make sure that you are provided the foregoing medical evaluations and treatments, you should seek immediate representation from expert work injury attorney in Los Angeles who can provide you with compensation over and above the "exclusive remedy rule" provided for by workers compensation to make certain that your family will not also suffer emotional and financial devastation as a result of your injuries.

Your Legal Options for Work Injury Claims

In any type of negligence accident, the personal injury victim can generally negotiate his demand for compensation for damages, injuries and other losses he sustained because of the other party's negligence. However, in case of work injury claims, due to the "exclusive remedy rule" in California, victims think that they are at a losing end because of the cap on the compensation mandated by workers compensation insurance. Generally, in workers' compensation claim, you can only obtain actual medical costs, expenses and set disability compensation. A lot of people or even lawyers don't know it but you have other recourse to obtain the rest of the compensation you deserve. Definitely, if your employer was guilty of intentional misconduct or gross negligence in creating an unsafe work environment for you, then you have the right to claim additional damages against your employer. This is why, if you are serious in claiming the highest compensation against the negligent party, you should not hesitate to seek LA Injury Advocates' highly efficient Los Angeles work injury lawyers who have decades of combined experience in representing all victims of work injury not only in Los Angeles but throughout California. If you are forced to work under unsafe working conditions or knowingly expose you to hazardous chemical compounds without proper safety gears, you definitely have a right to claim even punitive damages and we are the only law firm who can provide you with the maximum compensation you deserve.

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LA Injury Advocates are composed of very skilled Los Angeles work injury attorneys who are well respected in the legal community due to our untiring efforts in providing top compensation for all work injury victims. As testament to our unsurpassed skills and diligence in protecting the rights of all our clients, we have already obtained hundreds of millions in awards for all our work injury client victims in Los Angeles and throughout California. We understand the dire predicament of victims of work related injuries. Hence, we decided to provide our top legal services on contingency basis, to make sure that those who have less in life will have more in law. We even provide a No Win No Fee guarantee to all our clients to ease their minds that they will always get the best legal representation at practically no cost to them. Call Us Now at (310) 776-8656 for your free case evaluation or if you prefer you can email Us or take advantage of our On-line Case Submission and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible at definitely no cost to you.

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