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Top Personal Injury Law Firms in California

LA Injury Advocates are composed of aggressive and dynamic lawyers who have honed their crafts in exclusively representing personal injury client victims, specifically in cases of traffic accidents, premise liability accidents and other accidents. All our lawyers and paralegals are committed in providing top notch legal service and personalized client care to all those who are in need of legal service in Los Angeles and in other counties and cities in California, regardless of the seriousness of the accident, the parties or personalized involved or the actual value of their claims or cases.

Although each of our expert personal injury lawyers are acknowledged and well respected in their personal injury field of practice, more than the accolades that they receive and the stellar business plan that makes LA Injury Advocates among the top personal injury law firms in California, it is the appreciation of the personal injury victims, after a hard case fought and the maximum compensation claimed for them, that drives our top car accident lawyers and aggressive premise liability attorneys to persevere and inspire us to always do more than what is asked of us by our clients and their families.

With our top Los Angeles personal injury law firm behind you, you'll be assured that you'll always get unsurpassed legal service and honest concern throughout the whole process of claiming the maximum compensation you deserve, all the time.


With LA Injury Advocates, our expert personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles are not programmed to provide excellent legal service just for personal gain. We believe that in order to be respected in the fields of legal practice we are involved in, we should not only be adept in all the laws and legal processes involved in taking on every type or kind of personal injury case or accident. More than this, we seriously believe that the mark of a great personal injury lawyer is not just through obtaining millions in awards for their clients, but in making sure that every personal injury victim gets full protection from the law against unscrupulous insurance adjusters and wayward defense law firms who will do anything to protect their clients' interests regardless of the concept of justice or fair play. Our Los Angeles Injury Law Firm, in order to reach our endeavor of becoming among the best, if not the top personal injury law firm, makes sure that we put the interests of our clients first above our own, regardless of the actual value of their cases, because we honestly believe that it is in giving more in law to those who have less in life that the real character of a top personal injury law firm is forged.
Free Consultation
Engrained in our every expert car accident lawyer and diligent premise liability attorney is our commitment to provide free legal service however we can, especially to those who are in dire need of legal representation. As a testament of our desire to give back to the community and make sure that every personal injury victim are afforded at least the legal advice they desperately need to protect their families, especially following a personal injury accident, we also offer free consultation as a way of providing avenue for every victim to be able to be provided with much needed legal support during their trying times. Therefore, if you or any of your loved ones are in need of top personal injury advice, don't hesitate to Call Us Now at (310) 776-8656 for your free case evaluation or if you prefer you can email Us or take advantage of our On-line Case Submission and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible at definitely no cost to you.

Our Goals

Contingency Based Representation To All Victims of Negligence Accidents
We understand the predicament that most personal injury accident victims and their families go through after being in either traffic accidents, premise liability accidents or other accidents. We also know that most victims either don't try to claim damages against the party at fault or they attempt instead to negotiate their claims on their own to their detriment, because of fear of paying for high legal costs in seeking legal advice or representation from expert personal injury lawyers. This is why, consistent with our motto to help every personal injury victim get justice or their day in court, we decided to provide contingency based representation to all personal injury victims in Los Angeles and throughout California. This means that you, the victim, do not need to part with your hard earned money to protect yourself and pursue your valid claims against the negligent party. We will make sure that the negligent driver or property owner pays dearly for their recklessness and we will just get a portion of the award after we have successfully won your case for you. We even provide a No Win No Fee guarantee to all our clients, to further assure them that, although they practically don’t need to pay anything in the way of legal fees, we can assure them that they will still always get top notch legal service and honest client care they deserve.


"I was involved in a very serious car accident a few months back. It was my first ever accident so I didn't really know the steps to take... So, I remembered my parents use to always call LA injury advocates to get out of some cases. So, I called them and right away they were very friendly and a lot help. They stood by me every step of the way and not once did they leave me high and dry... Mrs Della explains everything to me. I learned so much from accident law firm! I'll definitely hit them up next time I get into a car accident..."
Ghaalib G.
"I am very grateful to Matt and the LA Injury Advocates! He and his team worked aggressively to help me recover and to give me an amazing settlement. It felt really good to be able to trust someone and know that they will take care of you. Although it was a traumatic experience, Matt made me feel confident that everything will be fine from our first meeting. After talking to other attorneys about what happened to me, I am totally happy I decided to go to this law firm again! Thank You!!!"
Loi L.
"Great customer service. The Law firm greeted me with open arms and welcomed me with a warm heart all around. I felt comfortable and all my case issues went away both mentally and literally. Definitely recommend them for whatever sort of issue you are having. Had a fabulous experience at this Law Group! They helped me graciously threw my case and had it not been for the great service I would not have been threw my situation. I thank them for all the help."
Jordan Y.
"I won't forget the time when I got hit by a car a year ago. I was in a lot of pain. Problem was I don't have money and I was worried about going to the doctors for treatment. After the accident, a good friend of mine gave me a big help on how to get out of this nightmare. She introduced me to Mr. Matt. He was truthful and did not sugar-coat anything and explained to me the steps he will take in taking care of my case like how to get my car fixed and get treatments. He even helped me in getting a rental from the insurance company..."
Stevens S.