What Should You Do After a Pedestrian Accident?

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If you are walking along the streets of Los Angeles or in any city or county in California, you should always be careful in making sure that you are out of harm's way by walking along the sidewalks and crossing the streets only in marked pedestrian crossings. However, sometimes, no matter how careful you are in checking for traffic before going across the street, pedestrian accidents still happen due to recklessness of the drivers of motorcycles, bicycles, cars, buses or trucks on the road.

There are different reasons why pedestrian accidents happen, from human error or negligence, poor car maintenance, product liability or poor weather conditions. If you are injured in a pedestrian accident due to fault or negligence of the other party, you have a right to claim damages against the party at fault. There are different types of damages that you can claim and you can also elect to pursue your claims using different legal processes available to you. This is why, after every pedestrian accident, you should immediately seek legal advice from top pedestrian accident lawyers who can give you ready advice in order for you to make an informed decision on how to go about claiming the maximum compensation you deserve.

Due to lack of protection of pedestrians on the road, it is easy to imagine how even a simple pedestrian accident can turn fatal to the victim. Every pedestrian victim can suffer injuries from scrapes, cuts and bruises to spine injuries, burn injuries, head injuries and brain injuries. In some cases, wrongful death even results due to serious trauma to the victim's body. As you can see, pedestrian accidents are very serious accidents which also entail serious costs of medical treatments, from undergoing x-rays, CT scan and MRI to obtaining chiropractic treatments, orthopaedic evaluations, pain management consult and even undergoing surgeries for serious injuries. This is why, after a pedestrian accident, you should make sure that you are able to claim all the damages you deserve in order to obtain proper treatments and make sure that your family will not suffer further due to emotional and financial losses.

Expert pedestrian accident lawyers in Los Angeles always advise their clients and prospective pedestrian accident victims to remember the following tips to do in order to obtain and protect evidence necessary in pursuing their pedestrian accident claims negotiations or pedestrian accident law suits, to wit:

  • Taking pictures of your injuries and the scene of the accident;
  • Getting information of the insurance of the other party;
  • Requesting copies of CCTVs;
  • Requesting for information from possible witnesses;
  • Calling paramedics to the scene or immediately going to emergency clinics to undergo examinations and treatments;
  • Calling police authorities to the scene in order to investigate the accident; and
  • Contacting the best pedestrian accident lawyers to get timely advice and support against the party at fault and his insurance agent.

Claiming accident compensation is never easy and this is why it is never a good idea to negotiate your claims on your own. Insurance companies and/or defense counsels will definitely try anything to deny your claims and protect their clients from liability. Therefore, if you are involved in a pedestrian accident, trust your expert pedestrian accident law firm to provide you with excellent legal service and obtain the highest compensation you deserve while you concentrate on healing yourself and protecting your family from harm.

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