Dos and Don’ts after a Car Accident

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Accidents on the nation’s roadways continue to result in injuries and deaths among road users, from drivers, passengers, to pedestrians. Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) showed that 33,561 people were killed in motor vehicle crashes in 2012. Said figure was the first increase since 2005. In comparison, it was a 3.3-percent increase from the previous year, wherein the nation lost 32,479 people in 2011.

Even though motorists make concerted efforts to ensure that they are driving defensively and not aggressively, they won’t be escaping the fact that they may get involved in an accident at any time. When this happens, expect that they would be dealing with a lot of things, from police authorities, insurance companies, to the injuries that they might have incurred.

In case you have been involved in a car accident, it would be very helpful that you are aware of the typical steps you need to take right after the aftermath of the incident. The list below also provides some of the things you should not do after the incident. Here are some of them:

  • • Right after the mishap, you must NOT drive away from the scene. Doing so increases your chances of being charged with a hit-and-run. Stop your car, and then check if you and/or your passengers aren’t injured. However, if you or your companion/s is/are injured, then you need to call 911 immediately. Do NOT forget to offer assistance when needed.
  • • If there are no injuries and you can still drive your vehicle, take photos of the cars using your phone, focusing on the damage. Then, you and the other driver involved should move your vehicles to the roadside.
  • • Aside from contacting 911, you need to also call your local law or traffic enforcement group to respond to the scene immediately.
  • • While waiting, it would be best that you obtain the other driver’s personal and insurance information, as well as his or her contact details. Likewise, provide yours, too.
  • • Surely, there would be other people who witnessed the accident. Make sure that their names and contact details are obtained; their statements would greatly help a lot in recalling what really happened in the accident.
  • • Do NOT place the blame on the other driver. Also, do NOT place your blame on yourself in the accident. Either way, it could harm your chances if you plan to file a car accident case; it could even get you into trouble if you admit fault. Be sure that when you speak with the police, you relay what happened to the best of your ability. Make sure that everyone is alright, too.
  • • Put into writing the things that took place in the accident. Things you can take note include the circumstances inside and outside your vehicle, from the weather condition outside and the roadway condition, the estimated speeds of all vehicles involved, to the other driver’s manner of driving his or her vehicle, among others. By taking notes, you might also get to remember other relevant information you’ve never thought of at the time of the mishap.

Even if you don’t have injuries right after the accident, it would still be best for you to seek medical examination and treatment. It is possible that your injuries may become apparent in a day or two or in a week within the date of the incident. Equally, you need to speak with a car accident attorney as soon as possible. You will be advised not to provide any statements or any important information to anyone involved in the mishap, including you or the other party’s insurance company.

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